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    Overview of a Small and Medium sized Business

    All small firms and start ups have the usual teething problems. All the issues and problems demand immediate attention. And you have resource crunch as well! Howsoever organized you may be you wish for still better organization. How to get organized at affordable price is a constant search in your mind.

    Your constant search for better ways to get your organization into better shape can end with one decision – use vWorkbench. Get organized with vWorkbench and get more free time to focus on your business growth.

    How can vWorkbench help?

    vWorkbench offers simple solutions to three of your core needs and two of your routine needs. Assignment planning and take off are in your hands. But what about Project follow up? Are all your Projects on time? Can you tell exactly what is happening in each Project at this very moment?

    3 core needs of any business

    Plan all your Assignments and keep track of all of them through vWorkbench. vWorkbench becomes your Assignment planning and execution tool.

    Add Assignment members, allocate Tasks to them, and keep track of their Tasks. You can monitor the performance of your employees through various Tasks and Assignment and even guide them while you are away. vWorkbench becomes your Workforce Management tool.

    Organize, conduct and follow up with the Meetings through vWorkbench. vWorkbench becomes your Meeting Management tool.

    Three core needs – Assignment planning and execution, Workforce Management and Meeting Management – taken care of sets your time free to plan and organize your business expansion.

    2 routine needs of any business

    Leave management just got easier with vWorkbench. Leave application can be checked against the Task status of the applicant. And you can decide how many days leave can be sanctioned or whether leave can be sanctioned at all. vWorkbench becomes your HR management tool.

    Likewise, Official Tour claims management is a whole lot easier with vWorkbench. Claim application of the employees contains the detailed breakup of the expenses. vWorkbench becomes your trusted Claim Management tool.

    Note: If you take Vritti Ekatm ERP along with vWorkbench, both the software can be integrated to give you a seamless application. For instance, approved Official Claims can directly go to Finance Module for further processing.

    With two routine needs - HR management and Claim management taken care of you can set aside some more time for your other business needs.


    vWorkbench is a simple, no-frills and no-nonsense tool. It makes life easier for any business firm. It enables the entrepreneurs to get the maximum out of their 24 hours.

    Case Study

    Mr. Enthusiastic, MD of a Productive Company, a start up, was looking for a way to keep track of his employees work performance. He wanted to monitor the Task progress of each Project and employee while he is away on Business trips. vWorkbench ave him both the solutions and more. He can view the Task progress of each Project and employee whenever he logs in at vWorkbench. He can even leave comments and guidelines against each individual Task.

    Mr. Enthusiastic is happily moving ahead in his business line with vWorkbench as his able Organizational tool.


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