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21 Sep 2016

Want to manage meetings well? Here are three tips!

Meeting is an integral and essential thing in an organization. People meet several times in a day to discuss issues or make decisions. It is highly important that meetings are organized and managed well. Nowadays, versatile meeting management software is available to do it effectively and smartly. Right from sending invites to noting down minutes; the software helps in every aspect. When a meeting starts with a focused agenda, discusses all relevant aspects and closes with some concrete action points; it is called a successful meeting. The online software offers workflow-based methods for it. High availability and easy accessibility make then useful and engaging.

Even if you use automated tools or not, three things make a meeting successful:

Ensure everyone participates

Most of the times, meetings are taken over by a few people who overshadow others. They hijack the agenda and take it to a tangent. Don’t let it happen if you want some meaningful and concrete outcome. Use effective time management software to allocate time slots to everyone and force people to stick to the timelines. It avoids crosstalk, and everyone gets a chance to participate. Note down minutes of the meeting then and there.

Meeting is not intended for a one-way conversation or monolog. It is meant for making consensus and agreement for a certain issue. When all the members don’t participate (or express the agreement or disagreement clearly), the meeting makes no sense. Use of smart tools makes it possible. Undoubtedly, meetings where everyone actively participates last longer but they end up with better results.

Follow the schedule strictly

In organizational meetings, it is quite common that people forget about the meeting or schedule another meeting without thinking about the overlap. It results in delays or cancellations. When smart meeting management software is used in the organization, there are no hassles. It is a workflow-based module with login-based access. From scheduling a meeting to sending invitations, everything is done by the software. You can send minutes of meetings, action items and reminders to the participants. Sharing documents and presentation becomes pretty simple. Meeting software eliminates the possibility of overlaps or ambiguities.

Stick to the meeting agenda

When the participants discuss topics other than the main agenda, meetings become fruitless. Time management software is a good way of handling it. Since participants are clear about the topics to be covered and stipulated time, the meeting remains on the track.

These simple tricks make you an effective meeting manager.

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