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    Manual Intervention

       As an entrepreneur, you always want to reduce manual intervention in the organization. Statistics says that HR function in an organization is indulged in cumbersome manual activities the most. The Best task management software helps them in organizing the things well. Leave and payroll processing automation is amongst the low hanging fruits. Implement time management software online to automate the attendance recording. Versatile travel and expense management software is another helping hand for HR team members.

    You can bring total automation by leave management software download. The three modules transform your HR function and take it to new heights of success. Modern organizations leverage technology for enhancing efficiency and proficiency of the team members so that they get constructive time to add value to the organization. Relieve the admin guys from the headaches of organizing meetings and booking meeting rooms. Sophisticated meeting management software does it smartly and accurately.

    About Vritti

    Awards & Recognition: Vritti is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company and has well set work processes. In the market since last 20 years, Vritti has several innovative products and services to its credit. Winner of the prestigious Microsoft Award for innovative software for its Disaster Management System and the OOA Award for innovation in media services, Vritti has ambitious growth plans for future.

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