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12 June 2016

Make the next important meeting a special one

Meetings are the inevitable part of the daily routine in the office. It is said that you may love meeting, you may hate meetings, but you can’t ignore it. Statistics says that around 40 percent of the total productive work is spent in meetings. However, it is equally true there is nothing more frustrating than an endless meeting that goes on and on. People go off on tangents and the discussions get extended endlessly.

Meeting management is not rocket science if you do it well. Here are some tips to make the meeting fruitful, effective, and to-the-point. Here are five aspects that make it possible.

Keep everyone focused on the agenda

Though it is easier said than done, a successful meeting happens only when people discuss only relevant things. The chairperson should interrupt immediately when it goes on a tangent, intentionally or unintentionally. Diversion to the scheduled agenda or derailment of the issues should be avoided up to the most extent. The role of meeting coordinator or chairperson is highly important in keeping the things on the right track.

Avoid unnecessary representation

Call members who add value to the meeting. There is no point in calling everyone in the room. When the majority of them are only spectators, it turns out to be the most ineffective meeting. It is needless to say that it is not applicable to generic meetings like Open House. When you call people to take decisions, call only relevant people.

Set the expectations right

Set the tone, agenda and outcome of the meeting right in the beginning. It makes the things clear. Experts say that setting the expectations right wins half of the battle.

Conclude the meeting well

It is a common feeling that meetings end up without a logical conclusion or concrete action items. At times, you need multiple discussions to come to a decision. However, it is greatly important to note down the points discussed so far so that you don’t start from the square one. Managing minutes is a skillful task.

Circulate minutes immediately

Most of the times, minutes of the meetings are not circulated to the relevant people immediately after the meeting. As a result, people don’t get sufficient time to work on them before you meet again. In the modern world of technology, it is the best thing to update the same in Excel sheet and circulate to everyone before attendees step out of the meeting room.

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