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11 June 2016

What makes a great project manager?

You find loads of information about the qualities that are essential for a good project manager. A gift of foresight, organizational ability, project knowledge, leadership qualities and communication skills are the most talked attributes. However, you should remember that these are the basic building blocks of a Project Manager which are necessary but not sufficient to make him great.

When a person possesses the list of qualities mentioned above, he can lead the project fantastically. However, one should possess some extra qualities to become a great project manager.

Traits of great project managers

Great project managers are agile and sharp: They know the exact reason of challenges and roadblocks. They assess the “fork in the road” situations quite early and take the right stand at the right moment. Do you need a new vendor or the current vendors can do the task well? Is there any need of altering the scope of the project? Will the project be completed in time or an extension is required? All these questions have definite and correct answers with great project managers. They collaborate, cooperate and coordinate with the stakeholders to choose the best option.

Great project manager knows the “art of living” with people: They have high emotional quotient and possess incredible skills of extracting the maximum output from each of the resources. Right placement of the right resource at the right place and at the right time is the secret of success. When great project leaders lead the show, it is a cakewalk. It is a daunting task to drive each member in the line of strategic vision of the project. Only great project managers can do it.

The great project manager is assertive, not aggressive: There is a difference between being assertive and aggressive. The earlier is a positive trait where a person motivates others in doing their best without pressurizing. The latter is a negative trait where the undue pressure is applied to the team members. It creates frustration and retaliation among the team. There are situations when project deadlines slip, and there is pressure from all directions. Only great project managers can overcome the situation and take it to the graceful completion.

Project managers do not only lead the projects but make it a grand success. They anticipate and heads off the issues that can jeopardize the progress in advance. Thus, proactive measures can be taken to avoid the same.

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