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20 Dec 2016

Why your business requires a leave management system?

As the owner of the business, you want to increase profitability up to the maximum possible level. Quite obviously, because you spend a lot of money in establishing and running the business! In such situation, automation is one of the best tools to achieve the desired results. When you have a greater dependency on systems, there is less chance of human errors. Also, automation makes the processes robust and foolproof.
Experts say that you needn’t spend a fortune in acquiring an expensive CRM system that takes care of every process and procedure. It is very much possible to achieve the same efficiency by installing and implementing a standalone meeting minutes software or time management software online

6 Dec 2016

Want your meetings to be succinct and crisp? Get meeting management software today

As the board member, you need to organize and attend numerous meetings. Sometimes, it becomes impossible to keep track of it if you are managing it manually. Dealing with loads of papers is quite cumbersome in the modern world where technology drives everything. It is the high time to install state-of-the-art meeting management software in your company that will streamline everything. You establish good control over the proceedings. Not a single meeting is missed, and not a single agenda gets overlooked. You arrange and organize perfect meetings after automating the activity. The flexibility and comprehensiveness of the software are overwhelming. Here are some distinct benefits.

20 Nov 2016

Cloud or not Cloud, what is your choice for travel and expense management software?

Picture your organization five years from now. Don’t you think it will be double of the size and triple of the turnover? Do you think the way you are managing the things today will suffice? Or you will have a fleet of frustrated and overloaded people desperately searching for another job? Certainly, you won’t like it to happen. Experts say that proactive and progressive entrepreneurs always think ahead of the times. They adopt the new technology and implement new-age tools to carry out mundane operational activities. Installing travel and expense management software is an example where you save many operational hassles and manual processing.

7 Oct 2016

Why do most of the users fail to use time management software effectively?

You want to enhance productivity in the organization, and therefore, you take every possible measure to achieve the goal. With the help of the best consultant in the town, you launch state-of-the-art time management software with pomp and show. However, it turns out to be a complete fiasco leaving you in the state of utter dismay. Well, don’t get disheartened. You are not the alone. There are several people sailing in your boat.

Statistics reveals that the most of the installations of management software online don’t bring expected results. Time tracking is a complex task, and it is not possible to get a good grip into it unless the team supports to it. Here are a few prominent reasons of time management software failing.

6 Oct 2016

Implement time management software and reap big profits

“Time is money” or “Time is the irreversible resource”, we always refer the adage quite often. Yes, they remind that one may need to struggle to keep up with the obligations and responsibilities if he doesn’t value time. Missing deadlines of projects, forgetting deliverables, failing to keep the expectations of the customers; the list of failures is unending.

As the owner of the business, you won’t like it to happen. Hence, you implement automated tools such as work management or time management software. When some system is in place, you don’t have the risk of missing out something. Many people use manual methods such as calendar or notebook. It is not the proper way either. In the modern world of technology, you need robust time management software online. Use an off-the-shelf product or get it customized for your needs, electronically doing the things is always a smart practice. You can plan and organize the tasks systematically. Also, there is a better control on execution.

23 Sep 2016

Buy expense and travel management software with a few considerations

When organizations want to manage the things smartly and efficiently, use of smart and efficient automated tools become inevitable. Nowadays, progressive companies make use of travel and expense management software for reducing the burden of HR function. The mundane, repetitive work can be done easily by using computerized tools. Expense management has evolved greatly in the recent years, and software development companies keep on releasing new and improved versions of the software. With more sophisticated modules are available to companies providing project management Mumbai, HR managers and employees get great benefits.

Some people think that the versatility of the modules might be confusing for the employees because of the complexity of the technology. In reality, expense and travel management modules are quite easy to understand. Even non-technical people can also use them without any hassles.

21 Sep 2016

Want to manage meetings well? Here are three tips!

Meeting is an integral and essential thing in an organization. People meet several times in a day to discuss issues or make decisions. It is highly important that meetings are organized and managed well. Nowadays, versatile meeting management software is available to do it effectively and smartly. Right from sending invites to noting down minutes; the software helps in every aspect. When a meeting starts with a focused agenda, discusses all relevant aspects and closes with some concrete action points; it is called a successful meeting. The online software offers workflow-based methods for it. High availability and easy accessibility make then useful and engaging.

12 June 2016

Make the next important meeting a special one

Meetings are the inevitable part of the daily routine in the office. It is said that you may love meeting, you may hate meetings, but you can’t ignore it. Statistics says that around 40 percent of the total productive work is spent in meetings. However, it is equally true there is nothing more frustrating than an endless meeting that goes on and on. People go off on tangents and the discussions get extended endlessly.

Meeting management is not rocket science if you do it well. Here are some tips to make the meeting fruitful, effective, and to-the-point. Here are five aspects that make it possible.

Keep everyone focused on the agenda

Though it is easier said than done, a successful meeting happens only when people discuss only relevant things. The chairperson should interrupt immediately when it goes on a tangent,

11 June 2016

What makes a great project manager?

You find loads of information about the qualities that are essential for a good project manager. A gift of foresight, organizational ability, project knowledge, leadership qualities and communication skills are the most talked attributes. However, you should remember that these are the basic building blocks of a Project Manager which are necessary but not sufficient to make him great.

When a person possesses the list of qualities mentioned above, he can lead the project fantastically. However, one should possess some extra qualities to become a great project manager.

Traits of great project managers

• Great project managers are agile and sharp: They know the exact reason of challenges and roadblocks. They assess the “fork in the road” situations quite early and take the right stand at the right moment.

10 June 2016

10 Quick tips about productivity

Productivity is a big concern for entrepreneurs. Studies say that only half of the time is spent in the real productive work by the most efficient employees. The remaining time is wasted on unproductive things like attending meetings, answering email or performing administrative tasks. Though allied task mentioned is not a waste of time, something can be done to increase the productive time for sure.

Some quick tips to increase productivity:

Reduce communication time: Implement smart work management software so that you save time in communicating the things. It brings effectiveness in the work environment.

9 June 2016

How to solve the biggest problems at work with task management?

As a business manager, you always feel that more productivity and task accomplishment should be achieved. There are several ways of achieving it, but most of the managers prefer cost-effective task management software. It helps in organizing the projects well and managing agenda items and projects using a user-friendly interface. You can see the flow of the project precisely and identify the roadblocks if any. Managing to-do lists and assigning or monitoring individual tasks become as simple as ABC.

Workflow-based task management software is easy to procure and install. You get help from the vendor and sometimes they do the installation and configuration for you without any charge.

How does it help in solving the biggest problems at work?

Several operational things can be resolved by using smart task management software. Here are a few examples:

8 June 2016

Gain Control of Your Enterprise Meetings using meeting management software

What should you look for in an enterprise meeting software?

Use of meeting management software gains popularity in organization nowadays. It is designed to bring more accountability into the system. When you want highly streamlined meetings and well-aligned management goals, it becomes necessary to use automated tools. With effective reporting tools and dashboard, it gives a better insight to the meeting agenda, task assignment, and fulfillment.

Apart from the capability of organizing effective meetings, software needs to focus on the results of the meetings. Ultimately, you expect productivity enhancement and valuable output from the meetings. Hence, tracking the meeting effectiveness would be the foremost parameter.

7 June 2016

Improve productivity of your business using work management software

Reports say that improved collaboration and coordination among team members improve the productivity of the work environment, but only up to a certain extent. If you want to reach paramount heights of it, then it is greatly important to use technology. In the era of computerization, you have several choices. Use of work management software is one of them.

If we look at the research carried out to understand employee productivity, then some strange facts come out. Less than 50 percent of the total time can be called “productive” in the real sense. Rest all is virtually “wasted” in mail, performing administrative duties and unproductive meetings.

What is the way out?

As a business entrepreneur, you would love to use every possible minute productively. How to avoid such a sinful waste then?

6 June 2016

Management Software divides projects into manageable tasks and implements them

Experts say that task management is the critical most activity in the project management and it is impossible to carry out without using technology. When the project managers use sophisticated software with complex functionality and support for task management, the things become incredibly simple.

What is task management?

As per definition, task management has the ability to breakdown a big task into small manageable tasks. It assigns the tasks to respective stakeholders. A deadline is associated to each task, and it has to be carried out on or before the due date.

5 June 2016

Why do entrepreneurs need a powerful management software tool?

When project managers choose project management software, they do not look at the price tag. Functionality is considered the top criterion while spending for an expensive product. Experts say that powerful software makes the task of project management pretty simple and it helps in delivering the project on time. There are several benefits achieved from a good quality tool:

• Customized approach: It has the distinct capability of serving different levels of management based on individual access rights. Sensitive information is restricted to different user groups based on user authentication. Since an organization works in a hierarchy where each person is confined to a particular functional area,

4 June 2016

How to control expenses through management software?

When you run business in a highly competitive environment, profit margins are always at stake. Among several ways of increasing bottom lines, reducing operational cost is the most sought reason. At times, it is quite tough to search for ways that bring down expenses when the business already operates under cost pressures. However, it is always possible to search smart and more effective ways to cut the corners. Installing project management software is one of the most preferred ways of increasing profitability and reducing costs. It reduces waste and makes effective use of resources, including human resources.

Management software benefits the business in several ways

First of all, it gives you a clear idea about how the resource utilization. You know about the resource utilization and idle time. It helps in managing the resource pool effectively that lowers the costs. Due to better visibility,

3 June 2016

Manage your business effectively with Project Management Software

When you run a project, each step and activity are crucial. There can be chaos at any stage of project lifecycle if the project is not managed well. As a business owner, you won’t like it to happen. Hence, there is always better using a good Project Management Software that works on the systematic implementation of a project and not an ad hoc approach that fixes one bug at a time. There is an attention at each bit of progress and delivery times are matched without fail. Surveys and studies underline the clear-cut difference in the approach when a project is managed using a state-of-the-art tool.

How does project management software make a difference?

For modern entrepreneurs, use of technology and tools is not a tough task. In fact, surveys indicate that the new-age business owners prefer it over old-fashioned ways. It is the reason use of new-age technology as project management software increase rapidly. Here are top three ways it can enhance business efficiency:

2 June 2016

Eight ways time accounting can improve your productivity

Automating the work of time accounting gives your managers a chance to spend the valuable time on bigger and better stuff instead of mundane attendance recording. Here are eight fundamental benefits of time management software android.

1. You have a better workforce: Efficiency is a big challenge in a typical production environment. When you have good quality time recording software in place, it makes your team efficient and productive. They learn the ways and means of performing their best in the available time.
2. You have satisfied employees: Time calculation is always the bone of contention when the recording is done manually. The workforce and management both are adamant at their viewpoint. When a computerized system records presence, absence and overtime; there is no room for confusion, disbelief, and dispute.

5 May 2016

What makes a great project manager?

You find loads of information about the qualities that are essential for a good project manager. A gift of foresight, organizational ability, project knowledge, leadership qualities and communication skills are the most talked attributes. However, you should remember that these are the basic building blocks of a Project Manager which are necessary but not sufficient to make him great.

When a person possesses the list of qualities mentioned above, he can lead the project fantastically. However, one should possess some extra qualities to become a great project manager.

26 July 2015

Solution To All Your Management Problems With Best Task Management Software

Ever wondered, almost three-fourth of our daily workforce and the core energy that it possesses is wasted in just the background processing of our company that is never seen aboard. What could it possibly be, which is consuming the most of our energy, but still could not manage to be on the forefront? That is the core competency of any enterprise; it is the best part that keeps the firm going and show tremendously nice results over the years although working in the background.

6 July 2015

Save Time, Save Money!

It is rightly said that ‘Time waits for no one’. In the business world, ‘time’ is one of the most important assets for any organisation. Unfortunately numerous businesses fail to keep up with or recognize the “time” factor.This happens due to the miss–management of “time”. It has become highly important and necessary that organisations train their employees in efficient time management so that they are able to achieve productive results in a much progressive period of time.

25 June 2015

Vworkbench – Precise Meeting Management Software

Meetings are proven drivers of productivity, sales as well as engagement. They are so impactful, in fact, 1.1% of a corporation's total revenue is spent on meetings or events. Yet, when it comes to costs many companies have no idea how much they are spending, or where are they precisely spending it.

12 June 2015

Vworkbench – Fabulous Leave management Software

Many a times even the most alert minds can lose their track of things. The various things on your mind like the chat during the business lunch, the presentation you’re currently working on etc. take in all your attention. When this occurs, one is often absent minded about other significant details in employee management, like a record of leaves an employee has taken.

5 May 2015

Information About Holacracy

Holacracy istotally a different management system that alters how an organization is actually structured, how power is distributed andhow decisions are made. It brings in new organizational structure that is established on clearly defined roles. It ensures better clarity into who has power over what and who is responsible for what.

27 April 2015

Importance of Work Place Collaboration

If you happen to ask certain human resource professionals orCEO’s what elements or rather goals were significant to their achievement, you would definitely get particular corporate terms andphrases that kept coming up. Collaboration in the workplace willsurely be one of the mostmutual answers. It is indeed the main reason of much of your success in corporate America. So let you know what actuallyworkplace collaboration is.

20 April 2015

Vworkbench – The Appropriate Work Management Tool

Business practices are some of the most significant yet least known facets of our everyday work in associations. In simple words, business processes are your procedures and rules for how you manage your data in an organization. They classify the five W’s and H: Who manages the data, where it is managed, what data are managed, when it is managed, why it is managed and how it is managed.

07 April 2015

Qualities of Ideal Communication Software

Ideal communication software should consist of certain qualities that are beneficial to both the organisation as well as the employees. Vworkbench along with being the most effective time management software is also the best communication software in day-to-day business.

18 March 2015

Transition from Email to Vworkbench – Part 1

Many years ago, the word email did not exist. Later, all mail was sent by non-electronic means. But, with the introduction of the computer and intuitive operating systems came the facility to send messages with just a click of a mouse. Email has been appreciated for improved efficiency, business readiness, and a host of other benefits tied to enhanced productivity. But email has a number of downfalls to go along with its advantages that make it a challenging way to send information.

04 March 2015

Business Process Change

Business processes are necessary to an organisation’s success in producing its goods or services. For an organisation to increaseits competitiveness it needs to have processes which are work effectively as well as they are well designed.

23 Feb 2015

How Task Management Software Can Help You Predict the Future

Can you visualize starting a long car trip to destination where you’re not aware of, without a map or navigation system? You're sure enough that you have to make some turns here and there, but you have no clue when or how long it will take you to get to that. You may reachin the end, but you run the risk of getting lost, and gettingirritated, along the way.

13 Feb 2015

Vworkbench – An Easy Way To Get Your Things Done

Time management is critically important to your day. Everyone has the same 24 hours and it’s those who utilize those hours to the fullest that make the most of their days. To enhance time management, there exists time management software. Time management software can comprise of various time management methods and one of it is ‘Getting Things Done’.

20 Jan 2015

Life Hack - A Useful Concept

Life hacking means any trick, talent, shortcut, or noveltytechnique that enhances productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life. It is perhaps a modern appropriation of a Gordian knot - in other words, it iseverything that resolves an everyday problem in amotivated and ingenious manner.The original meaning of the word "hack" is an inelegant but effective solution to a precise computing problem.

26 Dec 2014

All You Need To Know About Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management techniqueestablished by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980’s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals traditionally 25 minutes in length, divided by short breaks. These breaks are known as "pomodori" which is the plural of the Italian word pomodoro which means "tomato".

18 Dec 2014

Ten Signs Why You Should Invest In Task Management

How well do you succeed in managing your time? If you are like many people, your answer may not be completely positive. Maybe you feel over-burden, and you frequently need to work late to hit your due dates. On the other hand possibly your days seem to go first with one crisis then onto the next, and this is disturbing and depressing.

15 Dec 2014

How to Solve the Biggest Problems at Work with Task Management?

You're on the telephone with a dealer, while quietly writing up notes about your past telephone call. When you hang up, a companion sends you a text, which you read over while dialling your manager's extension number.

19 Nov 2014

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Time is our precious resource. Maybe you've figured out how to work uninterrupted. Now learn how to prioritize and allocate the right hours or minutes to tasks.You can improve your time management skills by using a range of tools and techniques used to accomplish specific tasks, projects and goals.

03 Nov 2014

Walk With Time with Vworkbench

People often run behind money but tend to forget that time is money. Without proper management of time, one cannot earn money. In an organisation time management is the most important factor, without a proper and effective management of time an organisation will never succeed.

26 Sep 2014

Discover The Secret Of Time Management

Time is free but it’s priceless. You can’t own it but you can use it. You can’t keep it but you can spend it. When children study in school they are organised. They reach to school on time, their exams are on time, and they study well due to a proper notice given to them by their teachers. Also at college level students be organised and they have a proper timetable set up regarding project submission and they report the projects on time to their professors due to deadlines.

25 Aug 2014

Vworkbench – the bridge between present and future

Like it is rightly said, Hold onto the old as long as it is good and grab the new when it is just better than the old good; may be this is how the evolution of the workplace took place. Twenty years back the word technology was a blur, and people were not sure about the future that they are looking forward to.

23 July 2014

Tracking time is a must for the lower level employees

Day An organization is a collective set of people divided in groups to understand the needs of the clients and customers and meet them in time. Time is small word but it is a really heavy one.

23 July 2014

Check what work is assigned to whom and when

Organizational management is the most hectic task, because in an organization there are several things that have to be looked into for it to run smoothly.

01 July 2014

Manage your dispersed team

Day by day with the increase in number of employees in the organization it becomes difficult for the management to ensure that the message is passed on to each and every employee also if the message has reached the employee whether all the content of the message were properly understood and followed.

01 July 2014

Time is Money spend it wisely

How often you find yourself complaining about long working hours and yet having some pending work, well here the Vworksbench software comes to your rescue. The Vworksbench is web based software which can be easily downloaded on your mobile phone as well and it helps a lot in saving your time and effort.

16 June 2014

A new way to increase employee productivity

If you happen to be a manager with a team of employees under your guidance, there is a considerable amount of responsibility. It is up to you to handle the entire team and ensure that tasks get completed on time. At times, it becomes difficult to manage the timely completion of tasks and meet deadlines.

25 April 2014

New mobile app helps you get an increment

Every employee yearns for an increment for all the hard work done. Increment or some sort of appreciation is what keeps an employee going and pushing them to work better or to improve their performance at work. Increment is the result of appreciation of work done by an employee. But sometimes, it becomes difficult to measure the performance of an employee due to the presence of many employees and losing track of tasks completed. In such a situation a genius mobile app comes to the rescue.

10 April 2014

Organized Work Brings Better Results

Every organization aims at being the best in terms of progress. In order to bring about this progress, the productivity of employees need to be in check and controlled. A lot of work time is often wasted in reporting over the phone because of inadequate clarity of work that needs to be completed. What is required in this case is a controlled medium that allows every employee in a team to have a clear view of work assigned and progress of the same.

10 April 2014

Save 3 Hours of your Work Time Every Day

If you're complaining about how you're running short on time to complete your daily tasks, there is a great solution for you that you can easily access through your mobile phone. The Vworkbench Software can be easily downloaded as an app on your smart phone and is of great help when it comes to managing daily organizational tasks.

10 April 2014

Why you should use Meeting Management Software

Organizational meetings call for perfect supervision of each and every detail discussed and planned during the meeting. These details are recorded as minutes of the meeting usually put together in an excel sheet. This sometimes becomes difficult as it allows no central control of the details added to it causing confusion later.

About Vritti

Cross departmental work visibility through vWorkbench: Cross departmental Work visibility is an outstanding feature of vWorkbench. Department Head or CEO can have clear Task visibility of the ongoing Assignments. Individual User wise Task visibility is a particularly attractive feature in the case of critical Projects.


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