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19 Nov 2014

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Time is our precious resource. Maybe you've figured out how to work uninterrupted. Now learn how to prioritize and allocate the right hours or minutes to tasks.You can improve your time management skills by using a range of tools and techniques used to accomplish specific tasks, projects and goals. In this blog we bring to you some insights about our clients.

Our Clients Business Process:

TRChadha is a Chartered Accountancy Firm and is an independent member of BKR International in India. TR Chadha is constantly working at providing their clients with Assurance & Taxation services in the best possible manner.

S.SRane& Associates, Chartered Accountants, is too a CA firm which provides complete business solutions, which is in need of dynamic & challenging business environment. It has emerged as a firm, which provides one-stop professional services with experienced & committed professional team.

The Problem Faced By Them:

All the successful firms go through some problems and it was no different with TR Chadha and S.S Rane. Both the firms wanted per person per month costing report, as they were paying salary on that format and they didn’t want any change in their process. Also both the firms were getting task in form of projectsand so they were looking for a software solution.

The Solution Provided By Us:

Vworkbench provided them with activity system for per person per month costing report. Also for effective management of time fortheir projects that they had undertaken we provided them the best solutions with our online project management software. TR Chadha and S.S Rane chose Vworkbench because our product already met with 70 % of their requirement, and with on time customization we fulfilled their needs with the required software. But this software could be best utilised by changes in the current work process and a willingness to adopt new technology.

Additional Issues And Their Solutions:

One of the major problems was that nobody was ready to adopt the changes in work process and nobody was ready to adopt new technology.Vworkbench believes that problems are not stop signs but they are guidelines and so several times we provided them training, firstly we gave training to top management.

Our both these clients now get their per person per month costing report as they wanted it and their whole work is now being processed in systematic way without any mess because we have one of the best task management software. Now our clients who were once stressed out in effectively managing their time are now being able to manage their time conveniently without any hassle using ourtime management software online.

It is quite possible that you are facing a similar problem and looking out for a solution for a better management. So switch to Vworkbench and give us the opportunity to serve you the best.

About Vritti

Cross departmental work visibility through vWorkbench: Cross departmental Work visibility is an outstanding feature of vWorkbench. Department Head or CEO can have clear Task visibility of the ongoing Assignments. Individual User wise Task visibility is a particularly attractive feature in the case of critical Projects.